Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Summer Reading Visiting

After the success of today's story sharing of Tickle Tickle, Itch Twitch, I may want to adapt it for my Summer Reading, school auditorium visits! It would be awesome to project the Kindle book (via iPad Kindle app and proper cord/hook up) on a projector behind the acting. My other idea is to make poster board size props for kids to retell The Giant Turnip. More Dig Into Reading books: https://www.worldcat.org/profiles/MissHayleyMac/lists/3077013

Outreach Programs : Kindergarten Visits the Library

Here is a link to where I am uploading .PDFs of programs that are created for a specific group of kids: http://sprng.me/hmqho The one in this file so far is a Groundhog themed program designed for maximum participation of Kindergarten students who are visiting the library for "their first time." After a tour, we had a mini storytime where I reinforced fiction vs nonfiction books. We also made a groundhog puppet.