Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Buckeye Book Award Graphics

Below is information from the weekly listserv from Janet Ingraham Dwyer, who focuses on youth info in the State Library of Ohio:

Paper ballots are also available for you to download and distribute at your library. Pair them with a display of BCTBA nominated books, or use them in a program. When patrons return their filled-in ballots to you, please enter them at You can group all the votes for each book, so you don’t have to enter every ballot separately. Or just bundle all your ballots and send them to me via statewide delivery or US Mail, and I’ll enter them for you. Make sure you include your contact information! All BCTBA ballots must be entered online by Sunday, November 10, so if you are sending yours to me, send them by November 1 to be safe.

Here are the links to the paper ballots (PDF), which print 2 per page.

Here is a brochure for librarians about the Buckeye Children’s and Teen Book Awards (PDF):

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Buckeye Book Award Voting Program

Here is the link to the folder with Graphics for the Buckeye Book Award voting/passive program that I'm having at my branch for the second year in a row:

I have two displays with multiple copies of the K-2 and 3-5 nominees.  Then in October, I'll use the ballots to collect votes.  Those who vote get the I VOTED graphic printed on a sticker.  I'll send in each group's majority winner through the website:

Monday, September 23, 2013

Appy Hour for Kids and Apps Folder Shared via Google

I have started a folder via my Google docs where I am starting to store all my presentations and info on Apps.  Here is the link:

In the folder, you can access my handout for the "Appy Hour for Kids" program:

This presentation on iPad apps is for an audience of school-age kids, parents, teachers, and other adults who have an interest in being introduced to learning apps for kids in Kindergarten to fourth grade. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Program is from 6:00 to 7:00 pm

Baby Program Outline and Two New

Click on "Baby Programs, under 2 years" on the right to access two of my newest programs for babies.

I've definitely found an outline I am comfortable with:

1) More We Get Together opening song while sharing the book

2) Hello Friends to learn names and have babies tap their name on tamborine (Phono awareness!)

3) Rhyme -- I like the one where I can swap out the letters or numbers and show my big foam ones, or maybe a counting one with felt pieces or toys to count as well as fingers

4) Book with props, particularly stuffed animals or puppets than can touch or tickle the babies or move in ways that get their attention as we repeat the animal's name, or toys that make sound and enforce story

5) Rhyme -- bounce or tickle or one where different body parts are named and moved in different ways

6) Music CD with shakers or scarves or bubbles which invite moving and dancing

7) Happy and You Know It as closing rhyme