Thursday, November 1, 2012

Springpad vs Pinterest

I've been working on creating "notebooks" on that I am hoping will allow me to better bookmark, organize, and share program handouts, websites, videos, voice recordings, files, and notes.  I am hoping that the efficiency and features of this system will let me move away from Google Drive and Google Docs (which I usually embed in this blog).

The only minor limitation I see with Springpad so far is that to access the site, one's browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Apple Safari) has to be the newest version. However, from what I understand, one can email a "spring" (bookmark etc) from one's email in an older internet browser (on public computers etc) and this will be added to one's Springpad notebooks.

I also like that Springpad has mobile app (iOs and Android) capabilities and can bookmark and organize websites, notes, videos, and uploaded documents vs.'s picture only boards.

Let's try this and see how it goes ... Click on the link to access my brand new "My Library Programs" notebook -- remember to be in the newest version of one of the internet browsers listed earlier.  So far there is a note called "Tales & Talk for 2s & 3s."  Click on it to access an uploaded .pub and .pdf files of a recent program handout. 

How does that work from your end?

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