Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cicada Outreach Program


Waddaleeatcha Slap knees twice, clap twice
Waddaleeatcha Double scissor cross hands left over right, right over left
Doodleydoo Right hand touches right shoulder, nose, lands on left shoulder
Doodleydoo Left hand touches left shoulder, nose, lands on right shoulder

Simplest song there isn't much to it
All ya gotta do is doodley doo it
I like the rest but the part I like the best goes
Doodley doodley doo
Quack! Quack!

Draw and Tell: "Cicada" using Singing Fingers App

Listened to different Cicadas songs from The Songs of Insects by Lang Elliott; Wil Hershberger

Showed some pictures and highlighted facts from Cicadas!: Strange and Wonderful by Mr. Laurence Pringle and Meryl Henderson

Insect Parts 1 (
(tune: Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes)
Head, thorax abdomen, six legs
Head, thorax abdomen, six legs
And eyes and ears and antennae
Head, thorax abdomen, six legs

Point to the appropriate parts on your body for each of the insect parts. Put up index fingers and waggle them for antenna, and put three fingers out on each side for 6 legs!!

Showed a dead Cicada that I had found on my porch!  (The inspiration for the program!!!)

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