Friday, February 24, 2012

Hugs All Around: An Outreach Story

I've done
of outreach last week ...
and there is always more



love it:

No sooner had I sat down in the "teacher's chair"
one Boy has something to say
"What is it?" I ask
"You're hot!!" he says, and gives me a hug
small Girl and big Boy both follow his lead
"Thank you.  Nice to meet you . . . I'm Miss Hayley, and I'm from the Library..."

Sometime after I bring out the Library's burping frog puppet:

little Girl says seriously, "I'm inviting you to my birthday party."
"Did you all like that? ... (I make eye contact with Girl) Thank you. (I look away to attend 
to a different, needing "friend.")

At the end of the visit, little Girl states: "See you at my party."
Another Sweet Child hugs me good-bye

Hugs All Around
... we all needed them

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