Saturday, July 9, 2011

Improving Your Storytelling Skills

Leafing through Doug Lipman's Improving Your Storytelling Skills, I came away with two reminders and a new thought.

Lipman reminded me about the importance of consciousness during the storytelling experience: "Notice the humanity of the audience." (174) This subdues fear and creates a successful experience for all.
He reminded me that "good storytelling always incorporates other art forms" and that each of us has a way of storytelling that is natural to us.

Related to this conscious, natural form of storytelling comes the new thought ... Instead of planning to tell a story, have you ever waited for a story from your repetoire to "call" to you?  Not only does this make me feel the smallness of my repetoire, but it stretches the teller to rely on previous practice and the art of free flow telling.

It's another goal to aspire toward!

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