Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Graphic Novels for Teens/Adults

I have graphic novel on the brain!  So I made it into a (children's) display today.  Here's a sign available for download by clicking on "Graphics" under the "Youth Services Programs and Resources" heading in the upper right hand corner of this blog:

Speaking of graphic novels, I just finished reading Scenes from an Impending Marriage (LOL!) and Artichoke Tales (What?) ... Even with the pictoral character key on the end pages of Artichoke Tales, I had trouble distinguishing one character from the other.  Anyone else read these two?  In the carousel below are other more teen or adult graphic novels that I currently have checked out but haven't read yet.

Update: 7/25/11 I now realize Big Crunch isn't a graphic novel ... cover is very intriguing though ...

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