Sunday, July 24, 2011

Freedom of Information and Privatization of Libraries

A family friend in Idaho sent this newspaper clipping to me.  It's a super reminder of the convenient library services we have in the United States.

Thinking of kinds of libraries and how they are run makes me consider the privatization of libraries ... and makes me think of the beginning of libraries in the United States as the "subscription" libraries where members paid fees.  I worry that if libraries become wholly privatized that owners will curb and mold access to information (a la the controlling parties in Ukraine) as well as charge membership fees that will greatly and easily surpass the tax monies patrons currently pay.

Here is a Google Bookmarks link:!threadID=GIyRVPdy7Dpg%2FBDQoYZAoQ-ablvYsm where I've begun collecting information on Privatization of Libraries.

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