Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011 Summer Reading School Visit

This year, I made my summer reading school visit presentation the same for kindergarteners through third graders.  (It was a thirty minute auditorium visit by grade.)  Here is the outline:

Click here for the "Kye Kye Kule" lyrics and song clip, or
listen/purchase the versions below:

Below are the embedded supporting posters.  (There are also in this blog's "Graphics" folder.)  Images are from Microsoft Clipart.  I used them as a models to draw images for the other motions (not pictured).

I chose "The Alligator's Whistle" which is a musical story from Anne Pellowski's Storytelling Handbook

 , and I included optional audience participation. 

At one point in the presentation, I threw an inflatable globe (our library's summer reading prize/incentive) into the audience.  Whoever caught the globe had to say what they liked.  Of course, whatever they liked, I supported by mentioning the materials that the library had on that topic.  The older kids caught on to this trend and had fun trying to stump me with "likes" such as "cheese" and "sleeping" !!

Overall, the three most important steps I drill into the kids are:

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  1. Sounds great. Love the detail you put into your program. I also love the song Kye Kye Kule. I have used it in a storytelling program I do. I learned it my storytelling class. For my Summer Reading visits, I have been doing a game a la Carmen Sandiego. Depending on the age level, I do a geography game with them..where is Carmen Sandiego....(if she is in London...which part of Queens, NY etc.). The kids loved it. They got small prizes.