Thursday, April 14, 2011

Family Fun: I Spy

This program was inspired by my article "Using Picturebooks to Expand Perception."  I will be doing another during Summer Reading called "Family Fun: I Spy Near and Far."

Story: It Looked Like Spilt Milk with props. Children bring up prop and stick to flannel board as each object is named.

Group Activity: What Did You See? PowerPoint (Click on hyperlink to access downloadable version.)  Download also available by going to "PowerPoint Presentations" under "Youth Services Programs and Resources." 

Booktalk: Duck! Rabbit! and Round Trip by Ann Jonas

If large group, 10-15 minutes at each station, or if small group, let them proceed at own pace.

1) I Spy Books and Media to explore and check out.

2) I Spy Jars
Two plastic orange juice containers. One filled with grits. The other filled with birdseed. Miniature toys buried in each jar.  Answers available in closed file folder.

3) I Spy, My Spy from
(Picture Riddle #1) Use old book covers for images/collage, if desired.

4) I Spy laminated mats
Rip out individual sheets from Fun for All Pads series from Barnes and Nobles, glue to cardstock, and laminate. Use dry erase markers to circle found objects.

Take Home – Hidden picture from and camouflaged Canadian goose sticker. (Photo taken by Hayley McEwing and made into a sticker on

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