Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Creating Online Patron Tutorials (WebJunction video)

I was able to watch the WebJunction webinar on "Developing Online Patron Tutorials" Here are my notes:

We’re living in a graphic environment, and we're working to develop patron information literacy skills, but to determine what tutorials we should create, we need to do a local needs assessment. Also, tutorials can market overlooked resources.

Creating tutorials is an ongoing process. Tutorials should be 2-3 minutes long. Keep in mind that the patron who comes across them may already be computer savvy or may prefer that the tutorial is in their first language (other than English). The tutorial can also be used as a reminder of what has been explained in person such as “How to access my email account.” Don’t forget a feedback form at the end of the video. Make sure to change to the new interfaces as those are available.

Use one library account to access products that require an account.

Screen Capture: Use the printscreen key on keyboard and paste image into Word doc. Can also use Snagit:

Screencasting opensource products include
or Jing
which require a microphone, and an optional $100 annual hosting fee. (One could host internally.) Saves/can work with mp4 and flash formats. One could annotate a PowerPoint.

Screen recording/editing through Camcasia. Purchase at $300 with $100 annual fee and training available at additional costs. It’s easier to cut and paste same steps with this software.

Elearning courses can be created through Captivate and Articulate software. $800 to purchase with $200 annual fee.

Marketing tutorials is easy. After creating, one can link on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (which offers a zoom feature when you upload to avoid blur), organization’s website, point of need, on their own tutorial page which should be searchable “Instructions on Demand.”

Camcasia case study and step-by-step guide:

Hosting options:

Jing vs. Screenr:

PowerPoint to Camcasia:

Screencast of Digital Download from King County:

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