Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baby Program: Point to Print

If the embedded image below does not display, visit the upper right hand corner of this blog. Under "Youth Services Programs and Resources," choose "Baby Programs, 6-23 mos." Then choose "(2011 3 3 Point to Print)."

To emphasize our goal, I had a poster of our first rhyme.  (I always have posters of the opening, middle, and closing song.)

I accompanied "Kangaroo Brown" with a double-sided sign showing "Jump" on one side and a Microsoft clipart picture of a brown kangaroo on the other side:

Before "one-on-one," I emphasized that the caregivers occasionally point to the printed words in the books, stating that this will help the child become ready to read.  I mentioned that though they aren't thinking of their child reading yet, these are the same tips (providing simple signs/labels in the environment) that I provide for caregivers who come in asking for help getting their five or six year old to read.

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