Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Storytime for Site Visits

When I take a program on the road, I plan interactive stories. Not that I don't use interaction in all of my programs, but I am more aware of incorporating it into programs that I take out of the library because you never know what you might walk into.

I usually pick two rhymes -- one sitting, movement rhyme and one hand counting rhyme. Generally, I prepare two or three stories -- one to sing to, one magnetic or draw and tell, and one pop up or one we can read and talk about. I've also learned to throw a couple extra "bestseller" books into the bag that appeal to a younger audience than I expect and a couple books that appeal to an older audience than I expect. (I'll always remember walking into a "preschool" storytime and encountering elementary school kids!)

I'm also a bit more flexible in my agenda when I do an outreach program. I follow the flow of the audience interaction and our conversations as we read, rhyme, and sing to determine what to do next.

Here is what I used for an snow themed outreach program yesterday:

(Cover body parts.)
Snow on my forehead
Snow on my knee
Snow on my eyes
I can’t see

(Touch body parts or dress/comb them.)
Snow on my boots
Snow on my hair
Snow on my mittens
Snow everywhere
Adapted from Dick Wilmes

"Neighborhood Snowman" by ?
In this oral story, we use team work to create a snowman on the mag board. We make the movements of creating a snowball. We use sleds and skis (pictures) and helping hands (sitting movement) to stack the snowballs. Then we choose what to add to the snowman to give him personality.

There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow by Lucille Colandro
We read/sing the book together, pausing for guessing, adding, and talking about the next mag board piece.

Who’s Been Here?: A Tale in Tracks by Fran Hodgkins
We look at and talk about the prints in the snow and guess the animal who made them. Each page we list the animals who came before.

Five little snowflakes floating gently down
Five little snowflakes making not a sound
One little snowflake landed on my tongue
Ehen there were ___ little snowflakes left to have fun

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