Monday, January 24, 2011

Middle Schoolers: Management and Moon Over Manifest

Here's a great compilation of after school, "tween" crowd control from the members of the Public Libraries: Young Adults and Children (PUBYAC) internet discussion list:

Moon Over Manifest
I'm about one hundred pages into the story, which seems pretty telling to me, since the last straight text, fiction book I actually finished reading the old school, physical book way was ... hmmmmm ... (I mostly listen to fiction stories on CD or mp3. I tend to read graphic novels, biographies, graphic novel memoirs, or bits of nonfiction books.)

So far, I'm reminded of the recent past Newbery winners ... the desert dryness in the Higher Power of Lucky (2007) and the magical mystery and importance of writing (letters/notes) and story in When You Reach Me (2010).

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