Saturday, December 11, 2010

Quick Advice for the (Budding) Children's Librarian

As a librarian:

Join and BE ACTIVE in the American Library Association:

Use, especially, the list making features on

Use Shelfari or LibraryThing to keep track of what you have read/would like to read:

Learn about emotional intelligence and communication (e.g. active listening):

Keep exploring and learning about technology:

For children's librarians:
Join and use the ALSC and PUBYAC listservs:

Keep exploring new ways to present programs while infusing Every Child Ready to Read tips and teaching/encouraging/recognizing parent involvement: (URL to change soon)

Be familiar with child (brain) development:

Use a variety of storytelling skills/techniques:
(See also the National Storytelling Network at )

Make sure to REALLY serve all ages from birth to sixth grade. (e.g. Offer special "Tween" programs for 4th to 6th grade.)

Offer family programs for all ages and really mean and prepare for all ages.

Be conscious of your storytime themes.  Make themes as inclusive as possible.  (e.g. If I offer an exclusively Christmas storytime, my non-Christmas celebrating patron feels excluded.)

Be conscious of your activities.  (e.g. If someone with a special need dropped in, how could I modify the activity/rhyme?)
(Try using picture schedules at all storytimes ...

HAVE FUN during your programs!

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