Friday, December 3, 2010

Pajamarama for the Family: Starlight at Night

Click on the following link to access the Microsoft and Google Image clip art that I will be using for a Family "Pajamarama" program:

The program will be on Monday night at 6:30 p.m.  The theme is "Starlight at Night."  The opening activity is a combination rhyme, name game, and Every Child Ready to Read application.

Before the program begins, I'll invite the children to pick one of the pre-cut star graphics.  The caregiver will be encouraged to teach their child about letters and writing as the child writes his/her name.

During the opening rhyme, different colors will be called, and the child with the appropriately colored star will be invited to place his/her star on the post-it sticky board (

A colleague mentioned that these graphics could be laminated, and the names be written on them with dry erase markers.  This would allow for reuse.  However, I have decided to have the children take their stars home, if they choose.

(I have no time to laminate them, and it will act as a supplemental take home piece.  At the very least, I can put them on display for December.)

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