Friday, November 26, 2010

Kevin Hawkes, Mazza Medallion Winner

The Mazza Museum awards the Mazza Medallion for excellence in artistic diversity.

Jerry Mallett introduced the breadth of Kevin Hawkes' work as well as followed his consistent use of shadow and acrylics. One of Hawkes’ previous awards includes the 1994 Golden Kite Award for By the Light of the Halloween Moon, published in 1993. Mallett noticed the significance of the award because it is voted on by other artists.

In his acceptance speech, Hawkes acknowledged the Mazza as “the center for creativity and inspiration.” He compared one’s handwriting to one's art style; one’s personality comes through though the media may be different. He also mentioned some of his other (diverse) artistic interests including rock carving and, at one time, hand-knotting a rug.

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