Tuesday, November 2, 2010

DiTerlizzi, Technology, and Libraries (Video)

I haven't received much feedback from the listservs regarding reactions to DiTerlizzi's Search for Wondla.  The few I did receive, however, have made me reflect on my initial enthusiasm.

The work is, in my opinion, "distinguished" or "individually distinct" though I must admit that the "excellence in quality" of the augmented reality artwork is questionable.  I still give him mad props for "providing the child with a visual experience" that incorporates the viewer and his/her environment.

One librarian brought up the point that the augmented reality pieces don't seem integral to the story ...

TECHNOLOGY (not) ASIDE:  I've definitely become more aware and interested in technology this year, starting with the creation of my YouTube account on January first and continuing with exploration in screencasting, touch screen art, pbwiki --> pbworks, and google docs.  This fall, I finally took the advice of one of my Kent State library professors and subscribed to Wired.  Yesterday, I started playing around with an (old) ipod ... The cassette player in my car is defunct which means I can't even hook up my CD adapter! 

LIBRARIES and TECHNOLOGY:  Check out this video, and follow the implications...

More and more I am seeing and accepting how this "information age" boom is tied to technology -- the ability to store, access, and share information in ways not used before.

I do believe that the future of Libraries is entwined with technological advances and understandings as well as the need to be a special, physical community location.

Depending on the day and branch in my library system, I already experience many technology questions in conjunction with information needs.

I wonder what other librarians are experiencing?  (Next listserv post!)

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