Friday, October 8, 2010

Tattoos, Dialogic Reading, and Unity

Here's a train of thought:

I've noticed that more and more of the people (that I help at the library) have tattoos.  Perhaps my awareness has increased with my interest in them, or perhaps more people are getting them.

Whatever the reason for this observation, I have a positive outlook on body art that is akin to my love of picturebook illustration ... and I recently stumbled on a thought which brings value to body art as a conversation piece.

With any form of artistic expression (remember my brief cell phone/ring tone post?) or striking diversity, there is opportunity for sharing ... or listening to ... a story.  There is potential for learning something new or finding a commonality.

At the very least, dialogic reading shows us that an illustration provides a platform for bonding and conversation.

Conversation and communication (as I explored in my recent article) are keys to fostering unity.

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