Friday, September 24, 2010

Active Listening for Unity and Leadership

I've recently submitted an article to the EMIE Bulletin within the Multicultural Review.  The article is entitled "Using Picturebooks to Foster Unity"

In my personal and professional life, communication, especially communication across differences, has been on my mind, and I've been exploring paths toward unity.  I've recently listened to 21 Ways to Defuse Anger and Calm People Down and have been observing my mentors as they listen and speak with others - the public and colleagues as well as friends and family.

The term "active listening," a term I first actively heard as an Emerging Leader last year, also offers some solutions.

According to Mind Tools, the five key elements of active listening are:

1. Pay attention.
2. Show that you are listening.
3. Provide feedback.
4. Defer judgement.
5. Respond appropriately.

Donald Clark's adds that "active listening" is when the "listener attends to the words and the feelings."  He also succintly outlines the barriers of communication.

Once again, I am thinking about the correlation of emotional intelligence and communication which result in leadership...

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