Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Marketing: Visual Presentation

An aspect of leadership that I see peeking through my posts (and within my life) is the topic of marketing or presentation.

I'm not only referring to how one presents oneself professionally to answer questions and resolve conflicts or how one should or could present a library program, I am also very interested in the physical, visual pieces of marketing such as the activity sheets handed out at storytimes or the displays and signage within the library.

If you look in the top right corner of this blog under "Youth Services Resources," you will find pictures of some of my displays (bulletin board and storytime set ups).  You can also visually compare my earlier storytime program handouts to my newer ones.  I am definitely working toward finding a user friendly, visually appealing, and informative take home handout that will enforce the Early Literacy Skills.

Speaking of visual presentation to market programs, I came across the MyFonts website while following a conversation on the YALSA listserv.  Use the website to determine fonts and use Da to download and choose others.

Visual organization (from websites to posters) is just as important as physical organization, and I think it is safe to say that Libraries do and are starting to recognize this in more detail.  (I'm thinking of the Information Architecture and Knowledge Management program at Kent State University.) 

I would be interested in hearing others' thoughts (and seeing others' visuals!) on this topic.

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  1. Karen Wennberg via Facebook
    I agree totally with making quality (design and print-wise) handouts! When I get something that has a typo, a hand-scrawled note with times and dates, or a poor photocopy from a sloppy machine...I think man I would really treat this paper ...and its information with more respect if it was crisp, clean, and neat.

    It doesn't need to be beautifully graphic, even if one wants to use standard fonts and clipart, it can be made functional and bold.