Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Digital Storytelling Resources

While reading the Winter/Spring 2010 issue of OJELA: The Ohio Journal of English Language Arts (a publication of OCTELA, the Ohio Council of Teachers of English Language Arts), I came across an article by Jessica Fries-Gaither.  Here are the digital storytelling resources she lists:

Ohio State University's Digital Storytelling Program 
Berkeley, California's Center for Digital Storytelling.
Guide to Digital Storytelling from Scholastic
Integrating Digital Storytelling into Your Classroom

Here are some of Fries-Gaither's quotes that speak to illustration and story's ability to transfer learning:

"Image selection sets digital storytelling apart from the traditional writing process because illustration is often an afterthought or only part of the publishing step when writing traditionally." (11)

" 'Stories' in all content areas provide opportunities for students to make connections and synthesize information, two important thinking strategies for reading comprehension." (11)

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