Saturday, July 31, 2010

Craig Frazier on Graphic Design / Illustration

"Just as important to the art of coming up with ideas is the art of whittling them down to their essence."
from page 20 of The Illustrated Voice.

Craig Frazier's picturebooks include:
Alphabet Critters (1992) = 14 years before Gone Wild by David McLimans (2006) won a Caldecott Honor, Frazier created letters from animal shapes.
Tiny Brown Seed (2003)
There is a Monkey in My Drawer (2003)
Stanley Goes for a Drive (2004)
Stanley Mows the Lawn (2005)
Stanley Goes Fishing (2006)
Trucks Roll (2007)
Hank Finds Inspiration (2008)
Lots of Dots (Sept 2010)

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