Friday, June 25, 2010

Librarians as Educators

The American Libraries article "Build Your Own Instructional Literacy" by Char Brown (a 2007 ALA Emerging Leader!) addresses the issue of librarians as educators. 

I, too, have felt and feel strongly that librarians are indeed educators.  Period.  Additionally, children's work requires one to be an entertainer.  One must be able to capture an audience through a combination of voice, acting, interacting, song, and movement.

I will need to review the ALA college accreditation guidelines, but it seems to me that the four vital teacher training issues that Brown lists -- theories, methods, conviction, and experience -- need to be addressed more in library school.

While I was fortunate to have a background in music, to have experience in reading to children, and to have taken about thirty credits of education classes during my undergraduate education, I realize that (occasionally?) children's librarians appear in the field without such background.  For the benefit of all librarians and especially those "learning in the trenches," Brown offers the "instructional literacy" framework and USER method.

Those who learn, teach, ... and those who teach, learn.

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