Friday, June 11, 2010

Eye Contact

In January of this year, a few hours before my plane was to leave from Cleveland for Chicago and the ALA Mid-Winter Conference, I stopped in at the Solon Public Library to print my boarding pass.

(I feel pleasantly secretive when I visit public libraries ... critiquing and learning from what I see and experience ... reveling in community and accessible information and stories ... proud to be a contributing member of this institution...)

So as I was thinking these glorified thoughts, the clean-cut male librarian at the information desk greeted me. Clearly and succinctly, he conveyed the information about printing policies. Approachable and professional, he consistently made eye contact throughout the exchange.

That experience flashed through my mind this last week as I signed up hundreds of children for the Summer Reading Club.

How am I coming across? It wouldn't hurt to practice some more eye contact.

Another example of how story and experience bring meaning to read information.

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