Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OCTELA Conference Notes

7:30 Arrived at conference location. Checked-in and viewed vendors. Discovered the Ohio Resource Center for Mathematics, Science, and Reading whose goal is to correlate resources to the Ohio Academic Content Standards ... (hmmm) ... Set up for my presentation.

8:35 Morning announcements and presentation by author Cinda Chima.

Chima is putting out a fourth book in the Seven Realms series and two more books in her Heir series.

In her tips for writers, she referred to the ten rules of fiction.

10:00 Gave my presentation called "Science Through Stories" for PreK to second grade educators.

"Educators will be connected to literature that has been correlated to the Ohio Department of Education’s academic content standards, particularly the early learning/primary, science content standards. Sharing correlated literature using story reading and storytelling techniques (plus extension ideas) will be demonstrated. Science and storytelling resources (books and websites) also provided."

Overall, my presentation went well. While I had a small audience of three people, they were supportive and attentive. One was a young Kindergarten teacher, one was a seasoned second grade teacher, and the third was an individual who has worked in several areas including the Ohio Resource Center. The small audience allowed for conversation on "best practices."

As a whole, the OCTELA Conference seems to draw more middle school and high school teachers than those from an elementary or university setting, which contributed to the low attendance.

11:05 Attended "Community in the Classroom: The Ultimate 21st Century Skill" by outgoing OCTELA President Karla Hieatt Bisig from Wilmington High School.

After my own presentation and research on the importance of engaging emotional intelligence in education, it was awesome to see this idea of intrapersonal learning expanded and used successfully in an educational setting.

12:00-1:45 Keynote Luncheon with announcements, presentation of awards, and speech by author Sharon Flake.

I must read The Skin I'm In.

2:00 Attended "Beyond Google: Newest Tools for 21st Century Skills" which was presented by my former high school English teacher Colleen Ruggieri, now a teacher at Canfield High School.

Her passion and enthusiam were tangible and envigorating. However, this presentation brought to mind the stereotype that younger people naturally know more about technology. I thought, "I am at least ten years younger than this individual who just introduced me to thirty new and useful websites. Where have I been?" Apparently, the answer is that I've been at conferences to learn about them! :P

3:00 Attended "Multimedia Minilessons: 'But did the Authors Say It Was a Symbol?'" by Angie Beumer Johnson and Maria Workman from Wright State University.

The premise is that the use of media in educational settings helps individuals transfer knowledge and understanding to text and literary devices.

4:00-4:15 Finished gathering and loading my presentation materials.

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