Monday, February 8, 2010

10 Tools to Take Power

The following are my notes/interpretations from a speech given by American Library Association Past-President Leslie Berger during the Emerging Leader closing cermonies at Annual 2009:

Try these with yourself and with others.

1) Make a (collective) plan, and organize a group.
2) Give a persuasive argument. Frame the issue so it advances a shared goal or highlights the downside of no action.
3) Raise awareness of the plan.
4) Review existing policies and bylaws.
5) Create change in policy or bylaw, or create a new one.
6) Generate publicity or buzz through forums ... blogs ...
7) Use electoral process. Ask candidates questions.
8) Effect appointments.
9) Boycott or use consumer power against the institution if it is not making steps to address your concern/goal.
10) Use drama. Offer, then commit.

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