Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Is New

This is a busy first week for a new month ...

This week's activities:

1. I have started my part-time position.

2. I have filled out paperwork to see if I am eligible for partial unemployment.

3. I have programs every day, up to 4 in one day!

4. I have started outreach programs from the Austintown branch.

5. The individuals selected to attend the Bill Morris Seminar will be contacted.

6. I will give a presentation on storytelling techniques and focus on kinds of stories for the preschool audience.

7. I need to think about the trips I want to take in 2010 and request the appropriate days off.

Thoughts on these activities:

1. Part-time for a short term may be a gift, but it is intimidating for the long term.

2. Check. (double entendre?)

3. Now that the week has started, I feel fine with this load. I am prepared. A fellow children's librarian's wisdom echoes in my head and reminds me that the librarian herself needs to have fun ...

4. Outreach went well today. I am becoming a better communicator but still have room to grow.

5. *fingers crossed*

6. Preparing for Friday's presentation is also preparing me for my potential presentation in March concerning learning (science) through storytelling. Not only have I found other resources that are passionate about this same idea, it has also given me the opportunity to re-discover the art of storytelling and set higher goals for myself.

[Hooray for an early birthday gift from mother ... membership in the National Storytelling Network!]

7. Now that I am on an ALSC Committee, I will need to attend Mid-Winter and Annual. I won't know if I will be able to do the OCTELA presentation until January ... On a personal note, I need to visit my relatives in Finland with my mother while she can still connect me to them.

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