Sunday, November 15, 2009

Storytelling and Silence

Over the course of about twelve years as a student and also paid, professional musician, I had the privilege of performing under various conductors. At this moment, I can recall at least three separate music visionaries who emphasized the importance of silence.

"Music is made on the background of silence," quoted one.

"What's the most important note of this piece?" asked another as he guided us through Hoe-Down from the Rodeo suite by Copeland. The answer was the collective rest in the second to last bar of the piece.

These bits of comparable wisdom were exactly the kind of images I lacked when presenting "Storytelling Techniques to Use with Preschoolers" last Friday, November 6; I've determined that some of the best storytellers utilize not only the catch all terms "voice" and "pacing," but most importantly, they are not afraid of silence ... the space between thoughts ... and words.

This is what I should have illustrated last week instead of just stating the cliched tip, "Take your time. Breathe."

Next time I should tell stories to teach storytelling ...

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