Saturday, August 22, 2009

Defining Leadership 2

I recently found conference notes from a session on leadership that I attended during the Ontario Library Association's Super Conference in 2008:

Leadership is a relationship of influence between at least two people who strive toward a shared purpose and which results in meaningful and substantive change.

Schein's Organizational Culture and Leadership (394): Leaders are perpetual learners because tomorrow is different, complex, more fast paced, and culturally diverse.

Change requires learning. Leaders are the first learners and believers in new learning.

Leaders seek opportunities.

Leaders set goals: What am I going to do tomorrow to advance this outcome? In the next week/month/3 months/6 months?

I also found notes from a session on how to conduct a reference interview. As I look at them today, I see that some phrases are also useful for developing my leadership skills in team building, accountability, and coaching:

"What information seems to be missing?"

"Yes! I can help you with that!"

"I may have some ideas to help you solve your problem."
"Here are some ideas."
"What do you think of..."

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