Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What I Have Learned

What I have learned during this project:

1) Communication is extremely important in team work.
From start to finish, all members work to be on the same page and maintain a unified vision. Communicating (about meetings or project ideas) as well as fixing mis-communications is time consuming, but vital. It is valuable for all team members and mentors to be part of these constant, even daily, communications as much as possible.

2) Flexibility is a key ingredient in team work.
It is inevitable that in the course of communication changes in vision and team approach will take place.

3) Virtual project groups are possible and can even be successful.
After initial agreement upon a virtual work space and communication system (which may be made quicker through the availability of ALA Connect), work can be successful during virtual meetings. While email communication can be easy to lose track of (when inbox amounts and other responsibilities are high), the team project can still be communicated and carried on between available members. An email trail allows current communication to be visible to the entire team and can be referred to as needed.

While the first two points are ones I was already aware of, my involvement in the Emerging Leaders has allowed me to transfer that knowledge to another type of experience. It has also underlined the importance of these two concepts.

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