Friday, May 22, 2009

Nearing the End

In the past few weeks, the King's Advocates have been organizing our final product.

The greeting card and post card images have settled on a more sophisticated look. With encouragement and vision from individual team members, I took Kadir's "Lift Every Voice and Read" image and modified the colors to sepia tones. This allowed me to place the CSK website information over the image in a way that would be visible. I will insert these final images in a separate post.

Two of the team members have been compiling our created content and recommendations into a final proposal that we can electronically submit to the Coretta Scott King Committee ... in ten days! Yesterday and today, the rest of the team has had time to look over the draft and submit revisions.

The written proposal is looking phenomenal. It includes the original project description, briefly introduces each project team member, introduces our overall interpretation of the project, and then launches into the content we have created, accompanied by our rationale for each created piece. We also have a section of general recommendations.

We are also working with our mentors to have ALA print our "mock-ups" of our created content and give us a cost estimation for the printed materials.

Everything is coming together!

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