Thursday, April 2, 2009

Onward and Upward

Now that our team has a clear vision of our goal, it seems like the biggest challenge has been successfully completed. Of course, I am talking from my own perspective, so perhaps what I should be saying is ... Now that I have a better vision of the goal, I feel more confident about my contributions.

I spent several hours this evening drafting one of the team's ideas and am looking forward to how all the ideas will be fitting together.

In other news, I had an enlightening conversation about leadership two nights ago. In talking with my parents, I came to realize that in my past leadership or group experiences in organizations, I have never had the opportunity to work on such a focused task -- concentrating on one vision over a substantial period of time.

Additionally, I gained a less self-centered perspective on the circumstances that bring a certain individual into a leadership position than those first explored in my December post entitled "What Makes Some People Leaders and Others Not?" Watching movies like Milk and W has also given me a background to think and talk about this issue.

Overall, I am learning from and grateful for the experience that the American Library Association Emerging Leader program is providing for me.

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