Saturday, April 25, 2009

Home Library Webpage Proposal Draft

We propose the creation of a "Home Library" webpage to market the idea of purchasing CSK books for home libraries.

We propose that the webpage have its own, unique URL that can be included on marketing materials, such as the greeting card and postcard examples detailed below. In our materials, we have used the URL:

The webpage should suggest the reasons why purchasing a CSK book for a home library is important or fun, assist site visitors with the purchase, and offer supportive material.

The reasons to purchase CSK books could form the main text of this new web page. We propose something like the following:

"Given as gifts, the Coretta Scott King (CSK) Award Winners and Honorees not only help mark special occasions in the lives of youth, such as birthdays, graduations, and a variety of special accomplishments (e.g. in sports, academics, music), they also help strengthen the youth's sense of self, vocabulary, and awareness of the roles African Americans have played in personal and real histories. Though these books express the stories of African American lifestyles, they can help all readers navigative familiar or everyday issues.

Help create or build a youth's personal library by giving a Coretta Scott King book. Your gift will help the youth safely explore the world, yet find themselves."

Accompanying this text would be links (with brief summaries) that assist the site visitor with his/her purchase:

"For Children and Teens -- How to Build Your Own CSK Library": A list of suggestions for children and teens on how to start their own collection. For example:
Ask parents, relatives, and friends to give you CSK awards books for gifts.
If you get an allowance, save it.
If you don’t get an allowance, consider ways that you can earn extra money like mowing a neighbor’s lawn, babysitting, or washing windows for someone.
"Pick the Right CSK Book" = Find a CSK book that matches the recipient's age level and subject interest (Link to our Team's bibliographies that are divided by subject then age)

"Where to Purchase a CSK Book" = a section of links of where to purchase the CSK books online (e.g. /

"Get the Book Signed by the Author or Illustrator" = a link to another new page on the CSK website that lists conferences/events where CSK winners/honors authors and illustrators may be presenting and/or signing books

"Add a CSK Greeting Card to Your Gift" = a link to purchase a paper greeting card, a link to download a greeting card (free), and a link to send an electronic greeting card (free) (See example 1.)

We have created an example of the greeting card that could be produced in hard copy, as a download, and as an e-card) that would support the giving of CSK books for home libraries.

In our example, the already approved, Kadir Nelson image of diverse children singing that is accompanied by the Coretta Scott King slogan "Lift Every Voice and Read" ( was used as the cover image while images of the Winner, Honor, and Steptoe Medal are shown in the inside.

Text for the greeting card could be a standard message such as "I Appreciate You" or "You Are Talented" to reflect the message of the CSK books (and Steptoe Award) onto the child.

The general CSK website ( or Home Libraries emphasized website ( ) could be listed on the back of the card to drive further traffic toward the site.

To further support the Home Library webpage, we have also created a postcard that can be sent out nationally to homes. (See example.)

In our example, we again used the already approved, Kadir Nelson image of diverse children singing that is accompanied by the Coretta Scott King slogan "Lift Every Voice and Read" ( as the cover image.

The text focuses on the 2009 Winners/Honorees and directs the recipient to the Home Libraries webpage.

This postcard would not only increase general awareness of the award but also direct the receiver to the proposed Home Library webpage, again to encourage him/her to purchase one for their own or someone else's home library.

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