Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Final Individual Assignments

Though not all team members were able to attend the group meeting on Wednesday, April 8, we were productive. Individually, I also felt productive. I was able to post the meeting minutes to our wiki that same night!

This successful day allowed me to put this EL Project on the back burner for a few days and focus on my other professional commitments. However, a few days have now turned into a week, and I need to start thinking and working on my newly assigned individual tasks:

Text and Mock-Up: Postcards with “Lift Every Voice” slogan and Kadir Nelson illustration on the front and brief CSK information/website (see brochure idea) on the back to be sent out nationally to market the award

Mock-Up (text is done): Creation of a new webpage (text) and CSK “celebration card” to encourage the purchasing of CSK books for gifts/home libraries

It is amazing how less daunting our entire project seems when divided among team members.

I am also now fulfilling the duty of scheduling the group meetings via Doodle. I need to do that ASAP ...

Well, Doodle is experiencing system failure right now, so I'll try again tomorrow.

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