Saturday, March 21, 2009


I devoted much of my time today re-evaluating our project description.

Overall, the biggest change that has occurred is in our audience and goal.

Jan 23 Meeting Notes
Goal: To increase awareness and inspire use of CSK
Audience: School (Classroom teachers, Media specialists), Public (Special services, Child detention centers), Academic (English Department = Professors of lit, Professors of children/teen lit; Education Department = Early childhood education teachers, Middle, High School), Library Schools

Mar 21 Project Description Evaluation
African American youth, parents and families
Goal: to have the audience consider award-winning Coretta Scott King titles as purchases to populate children's home libraries.

I am looking forward to hearing my team members' interpretations.

Today I also made many updates to our wiki. I added a timeline, our group name, our resource list, meeting notes from March 6 and 17, and our librarian/educator survey. I updated the "Group Communication" section.

I am feeling better.

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