Thursday, March 19, 2009


All continues to be busy in my professional and personal life, and I feel even more busy since I was not at work at all last week.

As far as the Emerging Leader portion of my professional life is concerned, I am frustrated. I am guessing that many or all of my other team members are also frustrated.

Recent feedback from our mentors shows that our team is not on target. Here we are on March 19, and we seem to have come no further than when we started on January 23. We don't seem to have the correct goal in mind.

I believe that our team (self-titled "The King's Advocates") has great ideas, action plans, and networks/connections that tackle most of the aspects of our project description. However, it is challenging to determine where our ideas actually fit in the Coretta Scott King (CSK) committee's already in process, related projects. For example, in January we were told that a marketing firm had already been hired and was preparing for the July 40th Anniversary celebration of CSK.

I am confused and frustrated.

As I just re-read our project description, especially the title "Lift Every Voice and Read: A Personal Library for Every Child," I can see part of the reason why the teams' and mentors' vision may now be clashing. What we all discussed in January and have been moving toward since then is different from the written project description.

The Next Step
Each member of the team will again be looking individually at each task in the project description and will create or modify action plans for each task.

I am hopeful that this exercise as well as continued direction from our mentors will bridge the gap in our visions.

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