Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fresh Breath


I am feeling even better than at the end of my last post ... as I knew I would as my group continued to communicate and as we continued to receive guidance from our mentors.

The team (plus our mentor :) ) met today via Skype. Besides for a rocky start on my end (with my microphone "not working") and too many ideas than we had time to discuss, all went very well!

I have already posted the minutes to our wiki.

You will see that the audience and goal are indeed changed from what I interpreted in my last entry:

Audience: youth, parents, and families
Goal: to have the audience consider award-winning Coretta Scott King titles as purchases to populate children's home libraries

Our tasks now also support our new goal.

We still have a few team decisions to make in order to flesh out some of the new ideas, but overall, all of us now have the same vision.

This team excercise and overall experience definitely support the definition of leadership (idea of "vision") that I first blogged about on January 1 ...

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