Thursday, March 5, 2009


Trying to get back on track with my project group, I finally posted our February 17 meeting notes to our wiki project page.

I think we have the right ideas and are covering a decent amount of ground with the following tasks. Now I just need to devote some individual time to my pieces of the puzzle:

Creating ready-to-use library programs involving CSK books (Hayley)
I am thinking that I will create a program for each of the following audiences: four and five year olds, families, grades K-3, and grades 4-6.

Creating bibliographies pertinent to each month (Hayley, Marissa, and Lana)
I will look at Chase's Calendar of Events, the themes I personally use each month, and the themes requested by teachers here at the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County in order to align different CSK books to each month.

Creating a contact list of organizations and institutions who will be interested in receiving the above information/toolkit (Hayley)
After Sarah, sends her survey, I will have some listservs, but I plan to spend most of my time collecting the information from organizations I already know about as well as (e.g.) talking to some of the college professors across the street at Youngstown State University to find other appropriate organizations.

Just the other day over lunch, a professor reminded me of a potential interested organization in the Ohio Council of Teachers of Language Arts. Now that I am writing this, I wonder if there is a similiar organization in each state ... and this type of organization is only contacting (some) English Language Arts teachers ...

I have not yet begun to work!

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