Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Leslie Burger on Leadership (in ALA)

"Emerging Leaders began in 2007 as one of ALA Immediate Past President Leslie Burger’s six initiatives." (Emerging Leaders Wiki)

Here are some of my notes from her welcoming speech on Friday of Mid-Winter.

To be a leader:
1) Ask questions. "Why do we do it this way?"
2) Do something you think is valuable to do, not just because it will add to your resume.
3) Be bold. Express new ideas even to the "old guys."
4) Be collaborative. Listen and find common ground.
5) Be flexible.
6) Take a break when you need it.
7) Bend the rules. Apologize later.
8) Network.
9) Have a good time. Go to some of the Conference parties!
10) Create change if something doesn't work.

As far as further understanding the organization of ALA, Burger strongly stressed consulting the ALA Handbook of Organization.

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