Wednesday, February 18, 2009



My project team was able to successfully meet yesterday!

After a morning of scrambling to come up with an internet voice chat program other than the previously picked Google Talk (which couldn't accomodate all of us talking together at once), we used Skype.

The program itself was user friendly, and with help from the Information Services department here at PLYMC, I had a microphone to use. (Thank you, IS!) With help and understanding from my supervisor, I was able to get the hour off desk when my other team members could meet. (Thank you!) Talk about teamwork!

To know that groups can actually meet like this and work on projects and AT NO COST is amazing ... I wonder what would happen if this was used by more groups and more people throughout the world ...

The session itself was awesome! We now have tasks assigned to each person as well as a better grasp of our goals as a project team.

I feel like we (or I... ;) ) finally know what we're doing.

We are on our way!

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