Friday, January 2, 2009

Leadership Defined: My View

After reflecting on the thoughts of those professionals who have chosen to comment in this blog as well as looking at my labels for each of my posts, I have come to determine two fundamental qualities in a leader.

The first and most important quality is the leader's commitment to an idea ... a vision ... a goal ... a solution ... a resolution. As I think about historical leaders and continue to read Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins, I see the power and effects of one's ideas on one's manifestations. According to Robbins, if we wish to commit ourselves to a different outcome, we are required to analyze our current beliefs and their emotional connections. After such introspection, we will need to develop support ... new ideas and new emotional connections to these ideas in order to bring vision into reality. I will add to that thought the need for a leader to re-evaluate the support or action during the manifestation process.

In other words, a leader must actively and consistently undergo total evaluation (of one's self as well as the situation) to determine ideas (visions or goals) and commit to a focus (action and outcome).

The second key component of leadership is marketing. I use the term marketing to capture the idea of clear and meaningful communication through unique and specific means. In other words, a leader needs to be able to express his/her vision and interact with a diverse audience. He or she should understand various learning styles and modes of explanation (visual as well as verbal) in order to communicate effectively. Additionally, a leader needs to be sensitive to his/her audience by consistently listening to their ideas and recognizing individuals.

The beautiful and amazing part of a successful leader's marketing (communicating a vision) is the process of correspondence or friendly discussion with others which molds the vision as well as makes it a reality.

A key ingredient within each of these qualities, is the need for a leader to be open ... open to a change in personal thought ... open to trying different strategies ... open to incorporating others' ideas ... open to the sometimes timely and serendipitous moments ... open to traveling, to learning, and to experiencing different ideas ...

At the end of this year, I will again reflect on the labels of my accumulated posts and will re-evaluate today's conclusions.

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