Monday, January 12, 2009

First EL Assignment

In order to prepare for an activity during the EL Town Meeting on Saturday, January 24, we have been asked to read Business Week, 2/4/08 p 88 (ISSN 0007-7135), and "highlight three sentences that resonate with you."

I was pleased to read this article because it provides more insight into this blog's posed question, "What is leadership?"

Below I have copied the three phrases that resonate with me. Beside each phrase I have also written a keyword, two of which ("vision" and "execution") are actually named in the article:

Vision: "... a clearly conceived, inspirational mission is critical for real progress."

Education/Learning: "... Every time you fail, you get back -- wiser ..."

Execution: "... promises get kept and plans get completed ..."

It is interesting to reflect on my January 1, 2009 post entitled "Leadership Defined: My View" and see (in only 12 days) how my definition may have already changed. In that post, I also addressed three components of leadership. They were Commitment to an Idea, Marketing, and Open-ness.

Let's see how what I discovered then compares with my discovery above.

In my Commitment to an Idea, I actually used the word "vision." However, I lumped it together with the (article's) idea of execution without giving it proper elaboration. In my thoughts, I didn't come to the necessary and clear wording " ... plans get completed..." that this article captures.

In the article, the paragraph on vision also refers to inspiration which I included (and expanded) in my Marketing paragraph as I covered the idea of communication and interaction with others. Here, too, would be an excellent place to detail the execution in interpersonal relationships and say "... promises get kept ..."

The article's paragraph about resilience says that " ... Every time you fail, you get back -- wiser ..." I have keyworded the phrase as "Education/Learning" instead of "resilience." This keyword allows the phrase to supplement my Open-ness paragraph. In that original paragraph, I should include the statement that a leader needs to be open to mistakes by accepting and learning from them.

Overall, I am still pleased with my previous definitions, but today's information allows me to add more detail and better understand my original definitions.

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