Saturday, December 20, 2008


It's that time of year again.

The Holiday Season is in full bloom, and normal responsibilities are compounded by extra, special preparations for celebrations with loved ones. We are busy with things, things, things.

It is also a natural time of the year to reflect on one's life.
This past week, I was home sick for a few days, and I realized that my mind was too busy ... too scattered ... too hurried. The laying around, waiting for my body to feel better, also put me in low spirits. What was I accomplishing?
Rose-colored as it seems, I did affirm that I find meaning and pleasure in my work as a Children's Librarian. However, it is when I am away from the work environment that I feel I am not reaching my full potential.

In addition to my professional aspirations, I need to devote time to my physical and mental health. I need to become more committed to exercise and healthy eating as well as meditation and spiritual study. I need engage all dimensions of my humanity.

Upon my return to work, I retracted a previous commitment to another volunteer project.

During this season of my professional career, I am excited to start preparing for my EL project by reading and listening to some Coretta Scott King Award books. As an individual, I am working on my wellness.

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