Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I received another face-to-face comment about this blog. It was worded something like this:

"The only thing I don't like are the large, bold words. My eyes want to focus on them."

I had planned to reveal the meaning behind this feature (as well as other subtleties in this blog) in my first December post. Due to interest, I will address this particular feature now.

I am enlarging and bolding the keywords in each post ... the one or two words that describe the critical action or topic of the post ... the words that quickly (and noticeably) answer, "What happened?"

This feature is important for two reasons:

Focus: The large, bold words focus the audience's attention (as well as my own) on what I feel is the essence of what I have experienced. They also act as an overview or quick reminder of detailed events.

Character: This feature also provides character. This blog is a reflection of myself ... an individual who appreciates organization ... an individual who appreciates the ArtS, including visual presentation.

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