Monday, December 1, 2008

My Emerging Leader Project: Introduction

Now that I have laid the foundation for this library leadership blog, it is time to detail my involvement in the Emerging Leader's program.

Toward the end of October, EL participants were given a list of possible projects/assignments and their descriptions. We were asked to distribute "points" or "votes" to the ones we most wanted to undertake. Based on our interests, individual participants were placed into teams.

At the beginning of November, I was thrilled to be assigned to my first choice -- Project A: Lift Every Voice and Read: A Personal Library for Every Child.

Why This Project Interests Me:

Since my first children's literature class at Youngstown State University and Mock Caldecott experiences with NEO-RLS, I have studied and researched awards given to children's literature.

During my time at Kent State University, I became intellectually interested in marketing. However, I can trace my attention to visual, organizational, and usability techniques throughout my education. (This awareness probably began with my mother's practical use of marketing in our annual, family garage sales.)

Today I work at an urban location in my library's system where I encounter many African American youth. Therefore, I can understand the need for "positive images of African American history, lifestyles and issues of concern to African American culture." This understanding is also grounded in my undergraduate experience as a sociology major.

From my formal education, work-related, and familial experiences (especially in interacting with my 22 month old nephew), I understand the importance of home libraries (in conjunction with adult interaction) as a block in building vocabulary skills.

The Challenge:

So far, the only part about this project that makes me uneasy is the deadline: "Deliver examples of the completed marketing campaign products by June 1, 2009 considering a $10,000 campaign budget for possible implementation in 2010."

... It helps to remember that I am part of a team ...

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