Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Audience Questions

My first comment about this blog was made to me in person. The interaction went something like this:

"Hayley, I like your blog ... but I wish you would have mentioned the library where you work."

"Well, I didn't know if it would be safe ..."

It's true that I had purposefully not mentioned the city where I live or the library where I work.


In the past, I've started a Livejournal account (2003-06), a Myspace account (2006-07), and a Facebook account (2004-present). I'll even admit to joining FriendFinder for a month in 2007. I joined each of these social networking sites for a different reason and have had very different experiences with each. In each successive experience, I also brought a different degree of maturity.

It wasn't until I was pursuing my Masters degree that I was the most concerned about unknown Others stumbling across my personal life and information. In particular, I heard the rumor that employers were starting to access social networking sites as a non-traditional means of "interviewing" or background checking. (This is in itself an interesting issue to address, but it is not the focus of my post.) Therefore, I actually set aside time to look more carefully at the information I was providing as well as learn about how to set my accounts to a degree of privacy wherein I was comfortable.

It's not that I was actually posting information that might bring unwanted attention ... It's that I had never thought about the possibility of my personal and professional life unexpectedly meeting.

More recently, about a month ago, my father asked me about my involvement in the internet's social networking sites and mentioned some related (though now forgotten) internet horror story. While I assured him my Facebook account was privatized, the warning lingered ...

I created this blog in order to capture my involvement in the American Library Association (ALA)'s Emerging Leader (EL) program as well as look at my work-related experiences through the lens of the idea of leadership. Though this was my acknowledged goal during set-up, I didn't realize (until tonight) that of all my self-initiated social networking experiences thus far, this blog is unique.

Its purpose is professional.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Hayley McEwing. I have a Masters in Library and Information Science from Kent State University and am working as a full-time children's librarian at the Public Library of Youngstown and Mahoning County in Youngstown, Ohio. I believe that libraries transform communities!

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